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Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-730.02, a registrant may cancel a certificate or registration. A registrant whose certificate or registration is under a disciplinary order, except for suspension for non-registration, by the Board or against whom disciplinary proceedings have been initiated may not cancel the certificate or registration.

If qualified, a registrant may cancel by submitting a Stipulation and Order regarding Cancellation of a CPA Certificate.
a helpful hint Helpful Hints - Please complete this PDF fillable form on your computer as it auto populates data that you only have to enter once. The form is not designed to be printed and filled out by hand, with the exception of your original signature, and doing so may result in an incomplete submission if you’re not conscientious.

A partner of the firm must complete, date, sign and return the Order back to the Board office. The Order will require the Board’s approval before the cancellation is complete. Every blank fillable space must be completed by the signer. Any form submitted to the Board office that is not complete will be returned to the Firm for completion before being accepted for submission to the Board for its approval.

To help you properly fill out this order, please visit the CPA Directory where you can find your firm number, firm name and your name (certificate holder) as recognized by the Board. The information provided must match the Board's records to be approved, including middle name or initial if used when licensed. After completing the Cancellation Order, please make yourself a copy of the completed order before signing and sending it to the Board office.

Firm Cancellation Order Form

CPA Directory
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