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The following information is published to provide better transparency and support the Board’s mission to protect the public. If a registrant has been subject to disciplinary action, except for suspension for non-registration, any disciplinary order within the last five years is listed. These documents provide the actual disciplinary order of the Board with the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and order requirements.

Directory Parameters
Individuals and firms are separately regulated so a search of both, if applicable, is more complete. Some disciplinary orders impact one or more registrants. Please call our office at (602) 364-0804 or send an email to agency email: for any questions about any disciplinary order older than five years.

Column Interpretations
File Name – Registrants are listed by their individual or firm name as they were registered with the Board at the time the disciplinary order was executed.
Execution Date - The date of an order’s execution is when the Board made it effective.
Disciplinary Action, Disciplinary Action with Probation or Disciplinary Action with Suspension – Disciplinary action is a regulatory sanction imposed by the Board like an administrative penalty, education or probation that may be used, in combination with, or as an alternative to, suspension or revocation.