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Status Definitions
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Directory Parameters
A "registrant" means any certified public accountant (CPA) or CPA firm. This directory only lists registrants that the Board is currently regulating or has regulated in the last ten years. Please read the Status Definition link above to learn which statuses are regulated and which are not. Individuals and firms are separately regulated so a search of both, if applicable, is more complete. To inquire about registrants that have not been regulated in over ten years please call our office at (602) 364-0804 or send an email to agency email: . Registrants may practice in states other than Arizona and CPA Verify may be an additional resource.

Column Interpretations
Issued - This is either the original date the certificate was issued or the reinstatement date of a certificate from a canceled, expired, relinquished or revoked status.
Name / Address – Registrants are listed by their individual or firm name (not necessarily legal name) as they are currently registered with the Board. A registrant must notify the Board of any change in name or address of record which could be either residential or business within 30 days.
Status / Status as of – The Status is the registrant’s current standing with the Board effective since the "Status as of" date and does not reflect any board actions prior to that date. For instance, a currently held "active" type of certificate/registration may have been on "probation" or "suspension" previously.
Renewal Date – If the entry has a date, the CPA’s certificate needs to be renewed by 5:00 p.m. on the last business day of the month and year shown. A postmark is not evidence of timely filing. If the entry is N/A, it is because the individual is no longer regulated. If the entry displays Call 602.364.0804, it is because the Board’s database lacks the requisite information to automatically compute the renewal date and manual review and analysis is required.
Orders – If a registrant has been subject to disciplinary action, except for suspension for non-registration, the column represents the number of disciplinary orders within the last 5 years. By selecting the number, the disciplinary order with the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and order requirements may be viewed.
Certificate #IssuedLast NameFirst NameMiddleSuffixStatusStatus as ofRenewal Date CityStateCountryOrders
480110/21/1985KINZEYSCOTTK. Active05/09/20167/2025SpringfieldMO