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Registration of your certificate online can include a CPE Waiver for Good Cause or a Fee Waiver Due to Disability, as discussed further below. In addition to a CPE waiver for good cause, the registration renewal will not require CPE if, instead of an active status, you request and are approved by the Board for Inactive Status or Retired Status.

 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Waiver for Good Cause
Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-730(C), the Board may grant a full or partial exemption from CPE requirements or an extension of time to complete the CPE requirements on demonstration of good cause. Good cause includes:
  • a disability
  • an illness
  • a physical or mental condition
  • military service
  • financial hardship
  • a natural disaster
  • or any condition or circumstance that the Board deems relevant
 Fee Waiver due to Disability
Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-730(B), the registration fee for a CPA may be reduced or waived by the board for registrants who have become disabled to a degree precluding the continuance of their practice for six months or more prior to the due date of any renewal fee.

You may request a waiver to your registration fee by certifying and documenting through a current signed and dated statement from your licensed health care provider that attests to your disability and that you’ve become disabled to a degree that has precluded you from practicing accounting for six months or more prior to the date of your renewal.