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Before filling out a complaint form please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please fully complete the Consumer Complaint Form. An incomplete form will result in a delay in investigating the complaint. If you wish to complain about more than one registrant, complete a separate complaint form for each CPA or CPA firm.

Please include a detailed description of your allegations; you may need to attach a separate justification to fully describe your complaint against the CPA. Please state all of the background information regarding your complaint, including the reason for the complaint, when the problem first occurred, how you selected the CPA, the relevant dates of your concerns, and the pertinent facts of your complaint. It is helpful to state the facts in chronological order. Please submit copies of any documents related to your complaint and retain the originals for your records.

Please sign, date and mail the Consumer Complaint form along with related documents to:

Arizona Board of Accountancy
Attn: Compliance Division
100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 165
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Board Telephone (602) 364-0804

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