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The Arizona State Board of Accountancy does not recommend any individual CPA for the public nor does it recommend any specific CPA firm. Below are a couple of sources for finding a CPA. Once you've located a CPA you may want to find their current status with the Board of Accountancy.
 CPA/Firm Contact Information
  The Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA) is one source for finding a CPA. It's an independent organization in Arizona that helps to improve the professionalism of the industry. They are a members only organization that has a list of CPAs that you may want to search. If you find a CPA that you would like to do business with using this resource, you might want to subsequently review the Board’s CPA Directory to make sure that the CPA is active and in good standing with the Arizona State Board of Accountancy.

  You can also find a CPA by searching the Internet. Please be aware that many business directories will ask you what type of business to search for. Even if you enter "CPA" the listing it returns will often be for all accountants, not just for CPAs. Accountants and accounting firms are only supposed to use the CPA designation if they are Certified Public Accountants. PLEASE verify that they are in fact a LICENSED CPA OR FIRM by looking them up in our CPA Directory below.
 CPA's Current Status
  The Arizona State Board of Accountancy has a directory of all CPAs and CPA firms that are licensed in this state and their current status with the Board. If someone is holding themselves out as an Arizona CPA and they are not, please report this information to the Board as it is a violation of A.R.S. § 32-747. Our CPA Directory does not include contact information but it does have the registrant's current status with the state to help you determine if you want to do business with them or not.

CPA Directory

Additionally, please note that Arizona has a mobility law that allows a CPA to practice in Arizona while being licensed as a CPA or CPA firm in a state other than Arizona. Our CPA Directory only provides information regarding CPAs and CPA firms licensed in Arizona. If you cannot find the name or business you are searching for in our CPA Directory, then you might have to inquire with the state that the CPA is licensed to determine if they are in good standing. Additionally, you can determine if a practitioner from another jurisdiction who exercised the mobility privilege in Arizona has been disciplined by accessing the link below.

Mobility Discipline