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Select a frequently asked question category or review the Board's fees at the bottom of the page:

 Board Fees
  Initial application $100
  Re-exam application $  50
  Application by exam $100
  Application by grade transfer $100
  Application by reciprocity by substantial equivalency $100
  Application by reciprocity $100
  Reinstatement application $100
  Initial registration Variable
        Prorated based upon the effective date
      of certification and birth month and year
      of registrant
  Renewal registration $3001/
        Every two years based on month and
      year of registrant’s birth
$1501/ for inactive status
$  502/ for retired status
1/ For registrations due during the period from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022, the biennial registration fee will be reduced temporarily to $275.00. Pursuant to A.R.S § 32-730.01(B)(1), a registrant whose certificate is on inactive status shall pay 50% of the registration fee. Therefore, the inactive fee will be reduced to $137.50.

2/ Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-729(6), the registration fee for retired status is $50.00 and remains at $50.00 because the fee is statutorily set and not impacted by the temporary fee reduction in A.A.C. R4-1-345.
  Initial registration $300
  Renewal registration $300
        Every two years based on effective date
      of firm
  Late Fee $  50
  Public records request $    0.30 per page (minimum $2.00) charge
    $    2.00 per audio CD/DVD charge